Dixon Valve Fapravf250, Field Adjustable Pressure Reducing Angle Valve

Applications Used in applications where the inlet pressure is greater than 175 PSI Use Determine desired outlet pressure for known inlet pressure Remove the tamper-resistant screw and slide the plastic cover up to access the adjusting nut

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3/8 adjusting rod included Construction 1/4 NPT gauge ports - both sides Drilled and tapped standard Installation Standpipe Systems For valves intended for use in a Class II standpipe system, use a straight stream nozzle with a 1/2 orifice or a 1-1/2 combination fog/straight stream nozzle

A relief valve of not less than 1/2 shall be installed on the downstream side of the pressure reducing or pressure control valve and pressure gauges shall be installed on the upstream and downstream sides of the valve

Automatic Sprinkler Systems Automatic sprinkler systems are used to reduce the water supply pressure at which the sprinklers are designed to operate and may be used as a floor control valve suitable for indicating service and also as a checking device

Check valve under pressure under static and under the anticipated flowing conditions to ascertain that the setting produces the expected results

Do not use in connection with drinking water

Do not use in sprinkler systems without outlet pressure below 50 PSI

For the '10' and '15' settings, outlet pressure follows inlet pressure up to 100 PSI, until pressure in the piston chamber overcomes the spring

Inlet pressure on setting 15 should not exceed 250 PSI

Inlet pressure setting 10 should not exceed 350 PSI

Inlet pressures as high as 400 PSI are permitted on settings 1 and 5

Never use or operate this valve without inspecting it for safe and appropriate operation

Nozzles shall have a rated flow range compatible with the performance characteristics of the pressure-reducing valve

Pressure can be expected to increase 20-25 PSI for each major division of the setting and to drop an average of 4 PSI per 50 GPM of flow

Replacement of internal parts is not recommended

Safety notes Failure to follow installation and operating instructions could result in serious and disabling injury or death to the user or others or destructive damage to property

Specifications UL Listed Features Gives the contractor flexibility during installation, and the ability to adjust the settings once installed, as hydraulic conditions change

The valve must be in the fully open position remove handwheel and packing nut, replace stem packing o-ring

The valve must be installed with pipe unions or rubber gasketed fittings upstream or downstream of the valve to permit easy removal for replacement

The valve selected must not exceed 175 PSI output either static or residual, nor can the inlet residual pressure exceed 400 PSI

The valve should be tested and maintained in accordance with NFPA 25

They valve may be set for residual pressures less than 100 PSI when permitted by the authority having jurisdiction

Upon system completion, each valve must be tested under both flow and no-flow conditions to verify outlet pressure rates satisfy system design requirements in accordance with NFPA13

Upon system completion, each valve must be tested under both flow and no-flow conditions to verify outlet pressure rates satisfy system design requirements in accordance with NFPA14

Use a 3/8 diameter rod in any one of the 6 holes in the adjusting nut and rotate counter clockwise to increase the pressure at the outlet

Valve Maintenance Visual inspection of the valve body, threads, and cover should be conducted prior to installation and periodically to insure there is no physical damage

Valves are designed so the stem packing may be replaced without removing the valve from the piping system

Valves shall be installed in accordance with NFPA 13 and 25

Valves shall be installed in accordance with NFPA 14 and/or 13 and NFPA 25 and shall have a minimum outlet pressure of 65 PSI

Visual inspection is recommended to assure no damage to the valve body, threads or handwheel

WARNING This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm

Wash hands after handling.


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