Salerm Purifying Shampoo 21

Salerm Purifying Shampoo 21 Bathe your hair in nature An innovating, dynamic and fun shampoo with a pleasant aroma of freshly cut sweet strawberries

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Key ingredients Extremely delicate surfactants and chalky build up removing molecules, help to keep the hair shiny

Perfect for cleaning product build-up from hair, also recommendable for use before carrying out technical processes

Product Options Available are as follows Size 9.04 oz - Salerm Purifying Shampoo 21 Size 36.1 oz - Salerm Purifying Shampoo 21 5.01

Recommended for all skin and hair types

Wash as with any shampoo, rinse with plenty of water


29.76 р.

Cytosport Muslce Milk Protein Bar

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Abody PVC Professional Cosmetic Makeup

Features Has two arrays of interior pockets varying in size to accommodate all brush sizes.Four bigger compartments are also designed to hold mascara, eye pencils, lip glosses or any other
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1pcs 4ML Women Girl Beauty

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Portable 24 LED 48W Manicure

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Waterproof Electric Scalp Massager Head

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Mini Square Shaped Transparent Rubber

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Matrix COLORINSIDER Oil Cream Developer

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Salk HealthDri Light

The Salk Light Dry One-piece underwear offers daytime bladder control protection. This looks and feels like regular underwear. These briefs are made from 100 cotton and their
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TROIAREUKE - Aesthetic Start Kit

Brand from South Korea TROIAREUKE. TROIAREUKE Aesthetic Start Kit is an essential 3-step skin treatment that takes care of the skin while travelling. A 3-step kit from TROIAREUKE featuring
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Brocato Curlkarma Energizing Treatment

What it is Brocato Curlkarma Energizing Treatment will give naturally curly or curly-by-choice hair more moisture, extra shine and extra strength to provide total hair harmony
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MEDION - La Sionne Shampoo

Brand from Japan MEDION - La Sionne Shampoo 250ml
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Elchim 2001 Professional Hair Dryer

What it is The Elchim classic 2001 Professional Dryer is a high pressure hair dryer that can safely cut your hair drying time in half. This dryer protects
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MISSHA - The Style Longwear

Brand from South Korea MISSHA. Creates gorgeous look with vivid color. Apply on nails and wait for it to dry.
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Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves

What it is Curly haired girls rejoice! No more sad waves curls. What it does A shampoo made just for you. Kinky Moves will become all
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Mamonde - Beautiful Aging Essence

Brand from South Korea Mamonde. Improve your dull complexion and skin elasticity. Quick absorbing essence. After emulsion use hands to apply gently.
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Oz Naturals - Ocean Mineral

Brand from United States Oz Naturals. DESCRIPTION This toner is a dermatologist grade skin treatment, and is intended to be used as the base layer for your serums
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Portable 24 LED 48W Manicure

Portable 24 LED 48W Manicure UV Gel Lamp Nails Polish Art Quick-Dry Tools
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Earthly Body Hemp Seed Moisturizing

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Rosette - Skin Mania Ceramide

Brand from Japan Rosette. Smooth penetration up to the stratum corneum so that the lotion of gentle texture is integrated in the skin. To make the texture
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LANEIGE - Homme Air Light

Brand from South Korea LANEIGE. Non-sticky and comfortable to wear. This sun stick protects skin from free radical damage with powerful board spectrum SPF50 PA
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KMS Color Vitality Blonde Conditioner

What it is Illuminates blondes and fights yellowing of lightened, highlighted, natural blonde, grey or white hair just after one use Moisturizes Repairs damage
8.95 р.

Shiseido - Benefique Makeup Foundation

Brand from Japan Shiseido. Sponge for Benefique Creamy Foundation Prime Glow . Spread the foundation smoothly, and stick closely. It finishes to the skin with the moisture full
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YADAH - All Day Cushion

Brand from South Korea YADAH. Turning your skin into dewy and bright skin by preventing it from becoming dull and dark. Completely covers fine lines and wrinkles. Apply onto
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Tourmaline Magnetic Therapy Lower Back

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Kose - One By Kose

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Beautiful Hair Magic Comb Colorful

Beautiful Hair Magic Comb Colorful Double Bead Style String Accessories for Long Hair